Kenmore SpotLite™ Portable Carpet Spot & Pet Stain Cleaner Vacuum

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  • Kenmore SpotLite™ Portable Carpet Spot & Pet Stain Cleaner Vacuum
  • 6.5" Wide Path Tool
  • 3.5" Tough Stain Tool
  • Portable & Compact
  • Long Hose Reach
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The Kenmore Spot & Pet Stain Cleaner to the rescue for unexpected spills and messes around the house.Stains are easily lifted and removed with a combination of powerful scrubbing suction and the Kenmore cleaning formula. Thanks to its lightweight size at only 11lbs, this portable spot cleaner is ready to go anywhere and compact enough to fit under your sink or in a closet. Versatile tools include a tough stain tool, a wide path tool and a trial size of cleaning formula. Winner of 2023 Good Housekeeping Best Cleaning and Organizing Award.

  • REMOVES TOUGH STAINS: Powerful suction lifts stains on carpets, upholstery and auto interiors.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: Weighing less than 11lbs, this spot cleaner is ready to go anywhere!
  • ACCIDENTS HAPPEN – Quickly clean messes such as mud, wine or pet accidents anywhere in your home.
  • DUAL TANKS: Effortlessly fill and empty tanks for a cleaning session plus your purchase includes a trial size of cleaning formula.
  • COMPACT DESIGN: Easily store under a sink or in a closet for convenience.
  • TACKLE ANY MESS: Includes a 3.5” tough stain tool, 6.5” wide path tool, and a trial size of cleaning formula.

Featured Highlights

Powerfully removes tough spots and stains

6.5" Wide Path Tool

Simply spray and scrub to remove everyday spots and stains from carpet, stairs and furniture

Long hose reach

Long Hose Reach

Reach and remove unexpected spills as quickly as they happen with 6ft of hose length


3.5" Tough Stain Tool

Lift spills and accidents from car interiors with one of the included versatile attachment tools

Portable compact design

Portable Compact Design

Keep tools and hose stored neatly within reach and grab top handle for lightweight transportation

Woman using SpotLite™ vacuum on the stairs, couches, and countertop.
Pet-friendly features

Pet Friendly

Perfect for tackling pet messes, accidents and more

Powerful suction

Powerful Suction

Watch stains lift from upholstery through nozzle attachments. Hose wraps around machine for convenient storage.

Easy empty dual tank system

Easy Empty Dual Tank System

Dirty tank holds 0.5 gallons while the clean tank holds 0.6 gallons. Clean longer between refills with these extra large tanks.

Versatile tools

Versatile Tools

6.5” Wide path tool tackles large messes while the 3.5” tough stain tool lifts smaller spills. Product also includes an 8oz. trial size cleaning solution.

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Accessory Tools

6.5 Wide Path Tool, 3.5" Tough Stain Tool, 8oz Cleaning Solution

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Wet Pickup


Cord Wrap


Integrated On-Board Storage


Power & Performance:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What accessory tools come with my product?

Tough Stain Tool, Wide Path Tool, Carpet Cleaning Formula

How do I turn on my product?

The power button is located on the body of the tank.

How much cleaning formula should I add to the tank?

For a small job, add three cap fills of Kenmore cleaning formula to the tank. For a large job, add six cap fills of Kenmore cleaning formula to the tank.

How often should I empty the tank?

The tank should be emptied when dirty liquid reaches the “Max Fill” line and there is a loss of suction.

How do I get more cleaning formula?

An 8oz bottle of cleaning formula is included with the unit. When more is needed, the cleaning formula can be purchased here.

How do I purchase replacement tools?

To purchase tools, call 1-844-202-9924.

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