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Pet-Friendly CrossOver™ Canister Vacuum

  • Pet-Friendly CrossOver™ Canister Vacuum
  • Pet-Friendly CrossOver™ Canister Vacuum
  • Pet-Friendly CrossOver™ Canister Vacuum
  • Pet-Friendly CrossOver™ Canister Vacuum
  • Pet-Friendly CrossOver™ Canister Vacuum
  • Pet-Friendly CrossOver™ Canister Vacuum
  • Kenmore Elite CrossOver Canister Vacuum: Approved HEPA Vacuum Cleaner | Kenmore
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Keep the Whole House Clean

From carpeted stairs to smooth hardwood floors and the space behind the fridge, the Kenmore Elite 21814 Pet Friendly CrossOver™ Canister Vacuum can take on your weekly floor chores. Stubborn pet hair and piles of dust bunnies are no match for this powerful vacuum. With attachments like the Pet PowerMate and a 2-motor system that creates some serious suction, tackling vacuuming is a breeze. A variable speed control makes switching from plush carpets to hardwood floors hassle-free while the swiveling 8' hose makes it a cinch to suck up cobwebs from the ceiling.

  • The Pet PowerMate attachment that comes with the Kenmore Elite 21814 Pet Friendly CrossOver™ Canister Vacuum lifts up stubborn pet hair, dander and more from carpeting, furniture and corners with ease
  • The True HEPA certified air filter removes almost all allergens and dust from the air, perfect for asthma and allergy sufferers
  • Stair Grip helps keep this canister vacuum upright as you work your way up the stairs while a 8' hose helps you reach cobwebs from ceiling corners. The swivel steering nozzle lets you spot clean with ease
  • The crossover handle makes switching from linoleum to hardwood flooring to carpeting super simple. Pick up pet hair and suck up dust without having to bend down to adjust the brush height. The dirt sensor lets you detect dirt being picked up while the vacuum is in use

Featured Highlights


Vacuum traps 99.97% of dust and particles inside your vacuum, keeping them out of the air you breathe*
*Based on ASTM F1977 of particles 0.3 microns and larger

Powerful 2-Motor System

Combination of gentle but effective rotating brushes and suction for a deep clean of even your thickest carpets

Power Flow Technology

Double-wall design keeps air flowing to maintain suction power and performance

Swivel + Steering System

Glide around corners and furniture fast for a deep, thorough clean

Inducer Motor

Most powerful Kenmore motor, with 20% more air flow

5 Versatile Tools

Functional attachments are stored on the unit for easy access and storage

Electronic Dirt Sensor

Alerts you to the dirt you can't see and lets you know when an area is truly clean

Above Floor Cleaning

Lightweight telescoping wand extends for hard-to-reach areas while LED light illuminates dark spots

Easy Access Controls

Conveniently positioned where they should be - right at your fingertips

All Floors Cleaning

CrossOver bare floor nozzle is connected and nested inside the nozzle for quick transitions from carpet to bare floor cleaning

360° Swivel Action

Hose swivel means your vacuum follows you, wherever you clean -and the hose won't twist or tangle

Pet Friendly Design

Motorized Pet PowerMate® is exceptional for pet hair cleanup on furniture, carpet, stairs and more


New Column New Column


Cord Length (ft.)



Wand Type

Telescopic & Extendable

Accessory Tools

Motorized Pet PowerMate, Horsehair Dusting Brush, Horsehair Floor Brush, Crevice Tool, Fan Tool

Number of Onboard Attachments


Total Attachments Included


Attachment Reach (ft.)


Related Items

Bag Item Number


Filter Item Number


Belt Item Number



Cleaning Width (in.)


Suction Type


Bag Type

AllergenSeal HEPA Dust Bag

Dirt Sensor


LED Headlight


Swivel Steering


New Column New Column

AAFA Certified




HEPA Filtration


Auto Cord Rewind


Height Adjustment


Other Features

2-Motor System with Inducer Motor & Power Flow Technology

Number of Height Adjustments


Power & Performance:

Number of Amps



Cord Storage



Item Weight (lbs.)



Filter Type


Number of Filters



Assembly Required


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I clean above floors with this model?

Yes! Simply disconnect the telescoping wand from the nozzle by pressing down on the quick-release button with your foot.

What accessory tools come with my product?

Pet PowerMate, Bare Floor Brush, Rotating Fan Tool, Crevice Tool, and Dusting Brush

How do I turn off the agitator brush to clean bare floors?

On the handle, simply slide the rocker button into bare floor mode.

How do I turn on the wand headlight for above floor cleaning?

Simply put the vacuum in carpet mode on the handle for the wand headlight to illuminate.

What is Height Adjustment?

This product has 4 height adjustment levels that provide optimal airflow and cleaning efficiency for any surface. Adjust the level according to your homes specification (low-pile carpet, bare floor, etc.).

I need to replace the HEPA bag, what is the part number?

To order a replacement part, call 1-844-202-9924. The 6-pack HEPA bag part number is 53292.

I need to replace the exhaust filter, what is the part number?

To order a replacement part, call 1-844-202-9924. The exhaust filter part number is 52796.

I need to replace the belt, what is the part number?

To order a replacement part, call 1-844-202-9924. The belt part number is 53013.

Why won't my bag door close?

This product has a unique feature that prevents the door from closing without a bag installed. Ensure the bag is fully inserted and pushed back to allow the door to close.

Why does my bag light come on when I'm using accessory tools?

This is normal as air flow is restricted when using tools.

Why does my dirt sensor light stay on?

Over time the dirt sensor may accumulate dust on the sensor. Simply clean out the port on the bottom of the nozzle to resolve false indicator.

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