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The Kenmore BU1005 Upright Vacuum Cleaner has the suction power you need to keep your home nice and clean. This bagged upright vacuum uses a 2-motor system and Power Flow technology to ensure you won't lose suction or leave any debris behind as you vacuum through each room. A telescoping wand and Pet Handi-Mate attachment helps you reach ceiling cobwebs and deep-down pet dander from just about any part of your home. Please note that this model is a two motor system with its own dedicated motor that drives the agitator. The agitator does not spin while in bare floor mode. The agitator does not spin while the unit is in the upright position (there is a micro switch that shuts off the agitator while unit is upright for safety and to prevent carpet damage).

  • Certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, Triple HEPA Filtrations captures 99.97% of debris, trapping dust, dander, pollen and other allergens so exhaust air is clean and you can breathe easier.
  • The Pet Handi-Mate attachment is designed to grab stubborn pet hair from furniture, flooring and stairs. No more re-vacuuming or worrying about leftover dog and cat hair in your home.
  • This upright vacuum uses a double-wall design with Power Flow technology to ensure that you never lose suction while cleaning. The 2-motor system gives you deep cleaning suction power for every surface of your home, from deep pile carpeting to slick hardwood flooring.
  • 4 height adjustments for optimal airflow and cleaning efficiency with LED headlights lighting the way to a cleaner home
  • Weighing in at 19 lbs., this vacuum can zip through household vacuuming with ease. Flawless floor transitions make it easy to vacuum the whole house in one go; no more needing to manually adjust the vacuum brush height.
  • Includes an aluminum telescoping wand and 3 different attachments, including the Pet Handi-Mate, puts the power of deep cleaning in your hands. Get behind kitchen appliances, tackle the stairs and vacuum the couch cushions with ease.

Featured Highlights

AAFA Certified

Captures 99.97% of debris, trapping dander, dust particles, odors, pollen and bacteria inside the vacuum, reducing the number of allergy-induced pollutants in the room

Powerful 2-Motor System

Combination of 2 motors provides effective brush rotation and powerful suction for deep cleaning

Power Flow Technology

Double-wall design keeps air flowing to maintain suction power and performance

Flawless Floor Transitions

A bare-floor switch shuts off the rotating agitator while maintaining airflow and full suction on hard surfaces for a total clean

4 Versatile Tools

Functional attachments are stored on the unit for easy access and storage

Easy Access Controls

Conveniently positioned where they should be – right at your fingertips

LED Headlight + Height Adjustment

Headlight uncovers hidden debris and 4 height adjustment levels provide optimal airflow and cleaning efficiency for any surface

Above Floor Cleaning

25' power cord is perfect for large area rooms and lightweight telescoping wand extends for hard-to-reach areas


New Column New Column



Cord Length (ft.)




Wand Type

Telescopic & Extendable

Attachment Reach (ft.)


Accessory Tools

Telescoping Extension Wand, Long Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, Pet HandiMate

Number of Onboard Attachments


Related Items


Bag Item Number


Filter Item Number


Belt Item Number




Nozzle Width (in.)


Suction Type


LED Headlight


AAFA Certified




New Column New Column

HEPA Filtration


Bagged Design


Other Features

PowerFlow Technology & 2-Motor System

Number of Height Adjustments


Pile Height Ajustments


Power & Performance:


Number of Amps


Number of Motor Speeds




Item Weight (lbs.)




Controls on Handle




Filter Type

AllergenSeal, HEPA

Number of Filters




Assembly Required



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I clean above floors with this model?

Yes! Simply disconnect the hose from the vacuum and add attachments to access hard-to-reach areas.

What accessory tools come with my product?

Pet HandiMate, Long Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush and Extension Wand

How do I turn off the agitator brush to clean bare floors?

On the handle, simply slide the power button into bare floor mode.

What is Power Flow Technology?

This product has a double-wall design that keeps air flowing to maintain suction power and performance.

What is Height Adjustment?

This product has 4 height adjustment levels that provide optimal airflow and cleaning efficiency for any surface. Adjust the level according to your homes specification (low-pile carpet, bare floor, etc.).

I need to replace the HEPA bag, what is the part number?

To order a replacement part, call 1-844-202-9924. The 6-pack HEPA bag part number is 53294.

I need to replace the belt, what is the part number?

To order a replacement part, call 1-844-202-9924. The belt part number is 53013.

I need to replace the exhaust filter, what is the part number?

To order a replacement part, call 1-844-202-9924. The exhaust filter part number is 53296.

Why won't my bag door close?

This product has a unique feature that prevents the door from closing without a bag installed. Ensure the bag is fully inserted and pushed back to allow the door to close.

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